Red Vampire Halloween Contact Lenses

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Red Vampire Halloween  Cosplay Contact Lenses
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Red Vampire Halloween Contact Lenses

Red Vampire Halloween  Cosplay Contact Lenses are suitable for most eyes, all lenses can be used for up to 120 days and can be kept for a 12 month period, this pair of Halloween contact lenses offers a bespoke design for your special effects needs.

We do not sell lenses for people with vision defects, eyesight problems, astigmatism, cosmetic or RX needs etc. our  approved products are not medical devices, these contact lenses are purposely made for fashion use only on  eyes and are suitable for changing the pattern and color only of those eyes only whilst affecting nothing else.

Fitting instruction are available online with easy to follow steps for handling and care to get the most from your cosplay lenses, diagram's included, Red Vampire Halloween  Cosplay Contact Lenses are red in color, these lenses have opaque coloring so you can rest assured none of your own eye color underneath will show through

All Red Vampire Halloween  Cosplay Contact Lenses are priced in pairs, this means you get 2x White Out Red Vampire Halloween  Cosplay Contact Lenses for the price you see stated above, we do not sell single lenses or show prices of single lenses to confuse you.


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